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Why choose iPod Computer Transfer Wizard?

iPod Computer Wizard softwareBecause iTunes doesn't allow you to get the contents of your iPod back to computer!
But there are a lot of reasons that every iPod owners need this feature. For example, your PC crashed, you bought a new computer and need to transfer your music from your iPod, or you simply want to backup the iPod, or you may want to share the playlists, photos, songs etc with your friends.

Your music library is priceless. With our iPod Computer Wizard, you can easily transfer photos, audio/video files from iPod to your computer, and sync the artworks, playlists back to your iTunes at the same time.

iPod Computer Wizard is one of the best iPod to computer transfer software. It supports all type of iPod, including iPod Touch (iTouch), iPhone and iPad try it yourself.

The main features

The unique features that you could only find in iPod Computer wizard:

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Transfer music, videos, books, ringtones and more from iPod to computer
  • Transfer playlists, play counts and more from iPod to iTunes library
  • Super fast speed (about 20 mins. for 1000 songs)
  • Preview and transfer the pictures or photos from iPod to computer
  • Smartly detect and extract the photos from iPod with the maximal quality
  • Supports all type of iPod, iPhone or iPad, includes all old models
  • Supports both PC and Mac

Please download iPod Computer Wizard by clicking the button below.

Download Windows version Download Mac OSX version

Release version: 8.3.

How to use iPod Computer Wizard?

It is easy to use the program:

3 steps
  1. Run iPod Computer Wizard
  2. Connect your iPod, iPhone or iPad to the computer via USB cable
  3. Browse and select the songs, videos, books or photos you want to transfer
  4. Click the "Transfer" button to start transfer

It is so easy to use, download now and try it yourself, or visit our online support page for more information.

The Pro edition

Pro edition will release the full power of iPod Computer Wizard. You can upgrade to the Pro edition at any time you want. Pro edition can transfer unlimited songs and pictures from iPod to computer, please visit the order page to purchase the Pro license or download the free trial above to try it first.

Feel free to contact us (support@ipodcomputerwizard.com) if you need any help.